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For The Greater Good Of All Humans By Women

Mission Statement:

Women For Humanity  is a women Led-not for profit organization focused on empowering human beings, regardless of Race, Ethnicity, Religion or Gender, by assisting and sustaining people in times of crisis through specific projects, programs and partnerships with local organizations.

Women For Humanity is a none profit organization  501 (c) (3) status Tax ID: 47-1315421

Our Board

  • Rouzana Hares
  • Abeer Tabbaa
  • Suha Sharbek Al-Saghir
  • Fatina Asbahi
  • Loubna Alkhayat-Hatahet
  • Youser Mahaini
  • Lama Samman Nasry
  • Rim Hatahet
  • Lina Jundi
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