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Women for Humanity

For The Greater Good

Of All Humans By Women

Women For Humanity is a none profit organization  501 (c) (3) status Tax ID: 47-1315421

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Ramdan Family Fundraising Iftar

Sunday May 27th, 2018

Saturday August 27th, 2018

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We are very honored to be the recipients of the 100 Arab American Women whom care award. Thank you @Center for Arab American Philanthropy | CAAP

Academic Scholarship Receivers


When I first have been told that I’ve been accepted in WFH scholarship, it meant a new hope for me, because I had lost the hope of completing my study in a university and I was going through a very hard situation of depression, sadness and lost. M. A Al—Zarqa University Mechanical Engineering class of 2020 PLEASE SHARE THIS Search RECENT POSTS
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